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Individual Counseling

Work one-on-one with the counselor to express your feelings, and explore ways to cope with underlying issues.

Family Counseling

Come in along with your family to strengthen the relationship and build unity.

Group Counseling

The Counselor work with you in a group setting to help you understand they you are not alone.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching for motivation in achieving life goals.

Family Coaching

Life coach work with families and couples in to develop positive change and effective communication.

Group Coaching

Coaching in group sessions can help build leadership in individuals.

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Psychotherapy VS Life Coaching

Mental health counseling is psychotherapy, the assumption is that there is something wrong that gets in the way of person’s mental ability to function effectively. In psychotherapy, the main focus is on client’s internal world. (Dr. Edward A. Dreyfu, Los Angeles, CA).

Life Coaching:
The Life Coach maintains a focus on goals clients decided he or she wants to achieve. The collaborative effort propels individuals to continually move toward their goals. In Coaching, the assumption is that nothing is wrong with clients, but clients wants an even better life. In Coaching, the main focus is on client’s entire life. This includes, health, education, careers,relationships, spirituality, etc., and how it all fits together.


DG4E mission is to establish a rapport that challenges clients to utilize their inner strengths and exploring their own solutions.


DG4E vision is to create a non-judgmental environment that allows clients to acknowledge and accept support in conquering their fears.

Parenting With A Purpose (PWAP)

This Parent & Child Communication workshop includes thought-provoking discussions, materials and practical strategies to support parents.