Are you ready to take control of your life and fulfill your life goals? Shantreis Edwards can encourage, and empower you to uncover your life purpose by assisting you in creating and reaching realistic goals in life. She has helped many individuals create their ideal lives, and reach goals they thought were impossible. Your life is too valuable to waste or spend time trying to reach goals without a Personal Life Coach or Mental Health Counselor. Do you need guidance in reaching goals, communication effectively , handling family conflict, strengthen your romantic relationship, building your self esteem, overcoming grief, continuing your education in which leads to a successful career?

Life Coaching:

Do you realize you have reached your maximum in life? If you could do more by yourself, you would have already done it. Now you have a team who can help you create your ideal life! The only way you can become more prosperous or powerful is with the help of others. Every winning team needs a support system. And, a person who is serious about accomplishing goals.

If, you are ready to take the first step, please contact  Licensed  Professional Counselor, and Certified Life Coach, Shantreis Edwards to complete your Life purpose exercise and receive a complementary consultation.