Psychosocial Assessments

Individual Counseling
Counselor measures or evaluates,the client’s mental health, social health, and behavioral functioning. The Counselor will work one on one with the client in a safe environment and display unconditional positive regards. The Counselors encourages the client to express their feelings, and explore ways to cope with underlying issues.

Family Counseling

Group Counseling
The Counselor works with the family to strengthen their relationship and build unity. The goal is to nature change and development. The Counselor works with clients in a group setting to aid them understanding that their problems are not unique. The goal is to help clients understand they are not alone.



Upcoming  Groups

Anger Management:Individuals learn how their anger can be triggered, and how it escalates to aggressive behaviors. Individuals will be educated on their physical and behavioral responses to anger, identify their earliest warning signs of anger that may be less obvious and more difficult to recognize, so they can cut off aggression before it has an opportunity to take over.

Substance Abuse Technique group:Because of licensing rules, this group cannot be called Seven Challenges group. However, the facilitator, Shantreis Edwards, LPC is trained and given permission to conduct the group utilizing her Counseling skills and previous trainings in which she learned from the Seven Challenges model training.

This group is designed for youth who have a known or suspected drug problem, Substance abuse problems, including frequency and quantity of use, effect on functioning, motivation for use, level of problem, and awareness of harm from use. Designed to tap any existing motivation to change and to increase motivation to change. The Technique group is designed for Individuals and groups.